What is Prosobab? On which text corpus is it based and what kind of data is collected?

Are there tutorials explaining the search function in detail?

How to use the search page?

How to do a search for a certain individual?

How to search by date? How to search by date range?

How to search for words containing special characters?

How to do a search for, for instance, parts of a personal name or for parts of a name spelling?

How to do combined searches? How to do dissociated searches?

How to search for more than one specific term in the same category?

What does it mean when the search button does not get activated?

How to do searches within searches?

Where to find information about the conventions (for bibliographical references, name spellings, etc.) applied by Prosobab?

How to export search results from Prosobab?

How to cite Prosobab?

How to contact Prosobab?

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